“Sahara is considered the top 60-metre drilling specialists in West Africa, with a focus on high-value technical drilling in exploration, mining, and infrastructure.”

Sahara Natural Resources is a drilling contractor with a difference, bringing global mining expertise and insights to every job we take on.

We’re a trusted drilling partner to a large array of projects, offering a complete range of services via our extensive and highly specialised fleet.

Our drilling services enable companies with tenements in key global mining jurisdictions to break ground at projects without costly overheads and time spent sourcing local workers and equipment.

Some of our core services include Auger Geochemistry, Aircore/RAB drilling, Reverse Circulation, Diamond Core, Water bores, and Geotech.

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We have a fleet of Toyota Landcruiser mounted augers capable of drilling to depths of 30m to collect in-situ samples.

Our auger fleet also includes man-portable units that can be used in any rugged terrain that vehicles cannot access. From mountainous forest areas to cashew nut and cocoa plantations, we’ve got it covered to ensure you don’t miss any target information from your tenements due to access issues.

With more than 20 years’ experience under our belt, Sahara’s team of geologists, drillers and field technicians are across all areas of regolith geochemistry, to take your projects to the next stage.

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At Sahara, we have access to small Aircore and RAB rigs that can be sent easily to any location for a quick drilling program.

Our fleet includes 80m depth capacity rigs, which can drill from -45 to -90 degree angle holes at 3m strokes. Our fleet is also supported by 200psi compressors, making them a versatile option for swift drilling activities on any terrain.

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If you’re looking to further a project with shallow reverse circulation drilling to test your targets, Sahara has you covered.

This drilling method collects samples from depth by pulverizing the rocks using a drill hammer, and then blowing this up through an inner tube and collecting contents in a sample bag through a fitted cyclone.

Sahara has a variety of rigs to suit project requirements to deliver our clients a perfect dry sample to a depth of up to 150m.

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Diamond drilling uses a rotating hollow industrial-grade diamond-encrusted drill bit to grind or cut the rock producing a cylindrical core sample.

Our diamond core drilling team and the drill supervisor have more than 20 years of combined working experience across Africa and can adapt easily to any terrain.

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Our hydrogeology department is fully equipped to drill working boreholes at your project. Water Borehole drilling is often used to provide water feed for a processing plant or used in the application of construction dewatering.

On a construction or mine site, this dewatering may be implemented before subsurface excavation for foundations or mining to lower the water table. At Sahara, we can develop, install, and maintain water pumps or a pumping station for the supply of water to all points it’s needed.

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Sahara’s dedicated team of geotechnical engineers, drillers and geotech technicians, are efficient across all site investigation drilling.

We know the conditions below the surface are as critical and complex as the structures that sit atop it, and these sub-surface conditions can significantly impact the scope of your project’s design, budget, and schedule.

To mitigate these unforeseen problems, Sahara can conduct drilling to collect rock and soil samples. This will help determine ground strength to hold stress and strain and determine soil stability and the geology of the site.

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